FaxFinder is a leader in the fax industry. With thousands of servers in use, FaxFinder is one of the most trusted brands available today. Led by a team with decades of fax experience and expertise, FaxFinder is dedicated to providing best-in-class options that are designed to meet the ever-changing IT landscape. FaxFinder can be an on-premise fax server, partly-cloudy (hybrid) fax server or fully-hosted in the cloud. We now have a solution for your faxing needs, today and in the future.



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etherFAX® is the preferred method of fax transport for FaxFinder. etherFAX offers a unique solution that extends FaxFinder fax servers to the cloud. In a time when POTS lines have rising costs and less availability, and other methods of fax transport also have their challenges, etherFAX’s patented technology leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications. Learn more by reading the Why etherFAX document.