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(P) 1.763.777.1124

(F) 1.763.777.7655

[email protected]


Support with the FaxFinder team must be initiated by the designated end-user admin or FaxFinder Authorized Reseller by submitting a ticket to the FaxFinder Support Portal. The recommended method of submitting tickets is completing the form below. Tickets can also be created by logging into or simply emailing [email protected]. Please include the end user name, FaxFinder serial number, model number, firmware & client software being used, and a thorough description of the issue requiring support.

You can also contact support via telephone hotline (763.888.8950). The hotline is subject to support engineer availability - it is still highly recommended you complete a ticket before calling the hotline. Be ready to provide accurate support/service information to ensure an efficient support experience.

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