The FaxFinder® has been the most cost-effective turnkey fax server appliance on the market for years. Traditionally, the FaxFinder software has been tied to a specific piece of hardware, built on a specific Linux OS kernel. While this strategy provided the market with the most cost-effective and simple fax server solution for years, security, feature and other considerations now require a more robust, scalable, feature-rich and secure fax server solution.

Built to run on Window Server operating systems, the new FaxFinder X50 Series fax server software can be deployed on virtual machines using VMware and Hyper-V or comes pre-installed on the new FaxFinder X50 appliance, designed and manufactured by MultiTech.

X50 Chassis.png

FFX50 appliance included with FFX50-HW-2, FFX50-HW-4 & FFX50-HW-8.


Virtual Machine

For organizations running virtual environments using VMware or Hyper-V, FaxFinder FFX50 Series can be deployed without the purchase and management of any additional hardware.

Physical Appliance

For organizations that want critical applications segregated, FaxFinder FFX50 Series is available pre-installed on a dedicated Windows Server appliance. Note: the FFX50 appliance DOES NOT include analog modems.



Automatic Archiving

FaxFinder X50 offers the most powerful document archiving available. Incoming faxes are immediately stored, indexed and can be retrieved with any web browser as JPEG, GIF, PDF or TIFF files.

Integration with Microsoft Applications

FaxFinder FFX50 runs on Windows Server and is integrated with many Microsoft applications, such as Office 365, Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint without cumbersome connectors.

Fax-enable Applications

Leveraging web based computing, FaxFinder FFX50 provides an API at no charge. Sample code and assistance is provided with an active support contract.

SMTP Gateway

Supports character encoding when parsing sender and recipient email address from mail server. This allows SMTP parser to convert double-byte characters from base64 string to original character encoding.

New Rendering Engine

The new rendering engine eliminates the requirement of having native applications including Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader installed on the FaxFinder FFX50 server.

Faster Communication

Respond to faxes from customers or vendors in seconds, turning fax into a more effective medium of communication.

Greater Document Security

No more lost faxes. No more misplaced orders. FaxFinder FFX50 tracks every fax, incoming and outgoing, to its destination. You’ll know what was sent, when, and who received it.

Total Document Access

FaxFinder FFX50 builds a comprehensive, searchable fax archive – giving you secure access to any fax, in any form, from your web browser.

Windows Server Support

FaxFinder FFX50 can be configured to use Microsoft Active Directory schema information, making it the perfect fax solution for companies operating in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Access to Archived Documents

With FaxFinder FFX50's powerful software and database, you get years of online access to fax documents instantly. Any authorized user can pull up faxes from the archive using their web browser.

Powerful Admin Settings

No client-side software required. All users access FaxFinder FFX50 and fax documents with a standard Web browser.

Fax Transaction Tracking

Set up fax groups, authorized users, messaging lists and event notifications. Track all fax transmissions and know where the telecom money is being spent.



Virtual Deployments

Hardware/Appliance Deployments

All FaxFinder X50 servers bundles include FaxFinder software, channel licensing, first year of support & maintenance, and basic installation service. Note: FaxFinder FFX50 Series solutions DO NOT include any built-in analog modems. For deployments requiring analog, use of a third-party analog-to-IP gateway is required.



Can I get rid of all my fax equipment?

If you want to, yes. FaxFinder can be deployed as a standalone appliance, virtually using VMware or Hyper-V, or completely in the cloud and each implementation allows for paperless faxing.

How easy is FaxFinder for my users?

With the FaxFinder FFX50 Series, sending faxes is easy. We provide the ability to send faxes via web browser, through an installable printer driver, but the simplest method might be through email (there are several more methods actually - check the FFX50 Datasheet for more info).

Does FaxFinder connect to other applications?

Yes, FaxFinder FFX50 Series can connect to your email client out of the box very easily, as well as Active Directory for managing your users. FaxFinder also has an API so you can connect the fax server/service to third-party applications like EMR, EHR, ERP, CRM and other systems.

Does FaxFinder work with Microsoft Office 365?

Yes. The FaxFinder FFX50 Series is capable of connecting to Office 365 (FaxFinder Cloud is also compatible).

Does FaxFinder connect to Active Directory?

Yes, the FaxFinder FFX50 Series users can be managed through Active Directory.

Does FaxFinder use OCR (optical character recognition)?

The FaxFinder FFX50 Series does support OCR. FaxFinder also has partners that specialize in document management systems for any custom or specialized OCR requirements. Contact [email protected] to inquiry.

I have a FaxFinder already and it still works. Why would I upgrade?

Old FaxFinders were all based on hardware. When a previous generation FaxFinder goes end-of-life, that software won't get any new updates and hardware is not capable of being upgraded to the next generation. Also worth noting, FaxFinders often run 24x7x365 for years and hardware performance will be impacted at some point. With FaxFinder FFX50 Series (appliance or virtual) and the proper support and maintenance plan, you are entitled to not just updates to that generation, but also to major updates and future releases. The FaxFinder FFX50 Series runs on a Windows OS, making future updates easier and not having a generation bound to a particular hardware build.

Can I still print my faxes with FaxFinder?

Of course. Inbound faxes can be routed to a printer on the FaxFinder FFX50 Series.

What file formats can I fax with FaxFinder?

Both FaxFinder X50 Series and FaxFinder Cloud support a variety of file formats, including typesL, dox, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, vsd, xps, pdf, bmp, gif, tif, jpg, png, txt, html, htm. The FaxFinder FFX50 Series and FaxFinder Cloud can use an installable printer driver, which converts any printable image into a faxable format.

Can FaxFinder be deployed virtually?

Yes! FaxFinder is now deployable virtually (Hyper-V or VMware) on the FaxFinder FFX50 Series platform.

Can I install FaxFinder on my own machine?

Yes, provided your server meets our hardware requirements. Please view the FFX50 System Requirements document and contact the FaxFinder team if you are interested in this approach.

Is FaxFinder FFX50 Series HIPAA compliant?

For the FaxFinder FFX50 Series, this is a server running on an entity's network so compliance very much depends on the network as whole, as well as internal processes and procedures. All FaxFinder solutions can be deployed and configured in a way to help maintain HIPAA compliance.

What does FaxFinder offer in terms of redundancy, failover and disaster recovery?

There are several options. In addition to the obvious option of deploying a redundant server, FaxFinder FFX50 Series customers leveraging etherFAX for transport receive several benefits. If your system goes down, your building loses power, internet connectivity, etc., etherFAX will hold your faxes in an encrypted state until your server reestablishes its connection with etherFAX. For customers not on etherFAX, we can also set up disaster recovery accounts on FaxFinder Cloud if an organization goes down. This method requires setting up a call forward from the customer's carrier to numbers we assign on FaxFinder Cloud.