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Fax of the future doesn’t include small windows and buttons on a clunky, physical appliance. FaxFinder X50 leverages a completely browser-based user interface, enabling users to interact with FaxFinder X50 technology via a platform that they’re already familiar with. This level of ease-of-use is unmatched, and comes as part of the package for on-premise, FaxFinder with etherFAX or FaxFinder Cloud.

Users can access the FaxFinder UI via today's most-used browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

The FaxFinder X50 browser-based UI allows for several benefits: Anytime, anywhere access to your FaxFinder server. Elimination of the need for client-side software, supporting fast installation and overall streamlined deployment. Secure connections via standard HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) protocols, which don’t include Java or ActiveX controls.

FFX50 user interface.png


FFX50 admin interface.png


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