All on-premise FaxFinders require a support contract. Support contracts are offered at a variety of levels. The use of desktop sharing for streamlined, expedited support may be required in some instances. Installation and implementation services are not included in the support contract - these services require the purchase of another SKU at the time of server purchase.

Support with the FaxFinder team must be initiated by the designated end-user admin or FaxFinder Authorized Reseller by submitting a ticket to the FaxFinder Support Portal. Submitting tickets can be accomplished by logging into support.faxfinder.net or using the form above.

Linux-based FaxFinder Servers

Historically, FaxFinders have been built on a Linux operating system. For any Linux-based FaxFinder, a Legacy Support contract is required. For any FaxFinder model number that is end-of-life, the support offered is troubleshooting only.

Legacy Support – valid on any Linux-based FaxFinder whether the device is in-production, legacy, discontinued, near-end-of-life or end-of-life (NEOL/EOL).

Legacy Support Plan

Email Support

3 cases per year

Billed Annually

FaxFinder Cloud

As FaxFinder Cloud is a service, support contracts are not required. FaxFinder support resources are available as needed for FaxFinder Cloud customers. CLICK HERE to learn more about FaxFinder Cloud.

On-Premise FaxFinders & etherFAX

etherFAX is the recommended method of fax transport for FaxFinders and on-premise FaxFinders leveraging etherFAX are not required to have a support contract. CLICK HERE to learn more about etherFAX.





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