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While the tradional, appliance-based FaxFinders continue to be availabe through Multi-Tech System, Inc's traditional channel partners, FaxFinder's new products and services are available through specific, authorized partners or directly through FaxFinder offers multiple options for partnerships, designed specifically to meet the varying needs of the partners.

CLICK HERE to submit a partnership application and learn more about the programs.

Referral Partner

At FaxFinder, we recognize fax is becoming much more of a specialized or niche technology and not every partner can take the time to become an expert. As a FaxFinder Referral Partner, you are provided with a streamlined, simple option to provide your customers with FaxFinder solutions and expertise, all while remaining as hands-off as possible.

  • Minimal sales burden

  • No administrative or support burden

  • Simple referral commissions

  • No minimum commitments or performance measures

Authorized Reseller

For partners looking to take a more hands-on approach in selling FaxFinder solutions, being set up as a FaxFinder Authorized Reseller is recommended. Resellers take the lead on the sales efforts and bill their customers directly, all while receiving assistance and support from the FaxFinder team as needed.

  • Resell entire FaxFinder product & service portfolio

  • Recurring revenue

  • White-labeling options

  • Small minimum commitment & attainable performance requirements

Premier Partner

For FaxFinder Authorized Resellers who find great success providing FaxFinder solutions to their customers, they will be invited to upgrade their status to a Premier Partner. Premier Partners handle every aspect of the sales process and are required to be the first line of support.

  • Receive leads for identified region

  • Custom, discounted pricing

  • Custom, comprehensive training

Elements of FaxFinder partner programs are managed and administered by Exucom Systems, Inc., authorized distributor for FaxFinder software solutions and services.

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