FaxFinder is a leader in the fax industry. With thousands of servers in use, FaxFinder is one of the most trusted brands available today. Led by a team with decades of fax experience and expertise, FaxFinder is dedicated to providing best-in-class options that are designed to meet the ever-changing IT landscape. FaxFinder can be an on-premise fax server, partly-cloudy (hybrid) fax server or fully-hosted in the cloud. We now have a solution for your faxing needs, today and in the future.



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FaxFinder® solutions offer cost-effective ways to connect with your employees and your customers. Staying connected is crucial to the success of your business, and our fax appliance allows you to expand your business potential while remaining profitable.

Network fax servers deliver faxes to a recipient's email inbox or protected network folder, so the contents remain secured from unauthorized viewing after receipt.

Whether you just need to upgrade your current equipment or are transitioning your enterprise into the unified communications world, FaxFinder has what you need to complete any fax solution.

Analog models of the FaxFinder fax server hardware (FFX40 Series) are ideal for connecting to POTS lines and phone systems through analog station ports. Analog models are also compatible with etherFAX, IP phone systems and IP trunks when IP channel upgrades are leveraged.

IP models of the FaxFinder fax server (FF240-IP-2 Series) are ideal for connecting to etherFAX. Other applications of this fax server solution include IP trunks and phone systems that support SIP/T.38. IP models are also compatible with analog telephony when leveraging analog expansion modules (FFEX8/FFEX16 models).