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FaxFinder and Elekta have teamed up again to make integrated faxing within MOSAIQ software simple. Please select an option below to receive a quote from the FaxFinder team.

X50 Chassis.png

Built to run on Windows Servers operating systems, the new FaxFinder FFX50 Series fax server software can be deployed on virtual machines using VMware and Hyper-V or comes pre-installed on the new FFX50 appliance, designed and manufactured by MultiTech.

Faxfinder Logo_Full Color Line White Bac

FaxFinder is now available as the increasingly popular "as-a-service" model, meaning no hardware, no virtual instances, no worries. High success rates on outbound faxes. Never-busy faxes on inbound. Sign up today to begin faxing now with FaxFinder Cloud.

Note: FaxFinder solutions designed to work with MOSAIQ feature custom-software features. As such, standard FFX50 and/or FaxFinder Cloud deployments will not be compatible. Please contact the FaxFinder team if you have questions.

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