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The etherFAX® for FaxFinder & FaxFinder® Cloud Business plans are a simple way to move your fax transport to the cloud. This plan is perfect for organizations that send and receive less than 10,000 pages a month and even organizations that don't know how much they fax. While some other online fax providers advertise extremely low-rates, these usually amplify due to extra charges like time on the wire, storage, and most prominently, costly overages for customers who significantly eclipse their selected plan. The etherFAX® for FaxFinder & FaxFinder® Cloud Business plans adjust to your monthly volume, so you are never punished for busier months that are unexpected.

If a subscribing organization consistently eclipses 10,000 pages a month, the FaxFinder team will actively work to transition customers to an Enterprise plan.

  • Simple, straight forward pricing

  • Monthly commitment available, cancel any time

  • No FaxFinder support contract required if subscribed

  • No punishing overages

  • Secure transmissions

  • Compliant faxing

  • Reliable, robust network

  • Never busy inbound


CloudandEtherFAXPricing - Business.png

Are you a reseller & would like to offer etherFAX for FaxFinder or FaxFinder Cloud to your customers? CLICK HERE to submit a reseller application and learn more.

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