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FAXFINDER CLOUD - May 2023 Upgrade Info & FAQ

FaxFinder Cloud underwent a major upgrade and network maintenance on Friday, May 26 beginning at 11:00PM EDT. This upgrade and maintenance concluded early Saturday, May 27.

New Features

  • Enhanced User Interface

  • Fax Image Annotation Tool

  • Self-service User Onboarding

  • Enhanced Reporting

  • Robust REST API

  • Revised IP Printer Driver

New User Interface

Roadmap Enhancements*

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • OAuth Single Sign On (Azure AD / Okta)

  • SAML2 Single Sign On

*Leveraging some roadmap enhancements will require an additional fee upon release.

New FaxFinder Cloud UI
New IP Printer Driver (download here)


  • Who is etherFAX?
    etherFAX is the recommended method of fax transport for FaxFinder. To learn more, please read the "Why etherFAX?" document.
  • Who is Exucom?
    The FaxFinder team relies on Exucom for several sales and fulfillment functions. Exucom is the master distributor for FaxFinder solutions, as well as authorized distributor of etherFAX services and MultiTech hardware.
  • I've sold FaxFinder for years. Can I still sell it?
    Yes! FaxFinder relies on its partners to help bring our solutions to market. Much has changed with FaxFinder and the brand will continue to evolve. If you haven't already, please submit a partner application to get in touch with our sales team and learn about your options moving forward.
  • What happened to MultiTech?
    As Multi-Tech Systems continues its dedication to providing the best Industrial Internet-of-Things solutions, it became clear the FaxFinder brand needed to live on its own. MultiTech still designs and manufacturers hardware to drive certain implementations of FaxFinder now and in the future, but the FaxFinder brand is now led by a dedicated, independent team.
  • Why are people still faxing?
    People still fax for a variety of reasons, but it mostly comes down to compliance and existing workflows. Read "Fax Isn't Dead" for more information.
  • Why are my faxes failing?
    Faxes can fail, inbound or outbound, for a variety of reasons. It can be as simple as a wrong number or a busy line. It can also be very complicated, like the challenges often associated with Fax-over-IP (FoIP) and the T.38 protocol. The reality is on-premise fax solutions are becoming more challenging to deploy and support across the board, which is why we've launched FaxFinder Cloud. To learn more about the challenges failing faxes, please read "Why etherFAX." To contact support, please create a ticket.
  • Can I get rid of all my fax equipment?
    If you want to, yes. FaxFinder can be deployed as a standalone appliance, virtually using VMware or Hyper-V, or completely in the cloud and each implementation allows for paperless faxing.
  • How easy is FaxFinder for my users?
    No matter what FaxFinder you have, sending faxes is easy. We provide the ability to send faxes via web browser, through can installable printer driver, but the simplest might be through email.
  • Where do I put the paper?
    FaxFinder allows for paperless faxing. Users can generate an outbound fax via web browser, client software or email. If paper-based faxing is critical to your workflow, contact [email protected] to learn about options with FaxFinder like routing inbound faxes to printers and enabling sending via multi-function printers/devices.
  • Does FaxFinder connect with other applications?
    Yes, FaxFinder can connect to your email client out of the box very easily, as well as Active Directory for managing your users. FaxFinder also has an API so you can connect the fax server/service to third-party applications like EMR, EHR, ERP, CRM and other systems.
  • Does FaxFinder work with Microsoft Office 365?
    Yes. An on-premise FaxFinder or FaxFinder Cloud is capable of connecting to Office 365.
  • Why would I ever pay per fax page sent & received?
    Fax transmissions are still extremely prevalent in numerous industries and verticals. Whether it is a medical record containing patient health information (PHI), a contract for review, or a purchase order, generally what is being faxed is money. Successful transmissions of medical records and PHI lead to billing the patient and/or insurance, which in turn leads to revenue for the provider. Execution of a contract leads to business partnerships and prosperity. Purchase orders directly lead to transactions and exchanges of goods & services. Many organizations forget about the importance of their fax transmissions and don't take the time to understand WHY their faxes are mission critical. Paying for etherFAX on an on-premise FaxFinder or leveraging FaxFinder Cloud provides the highest possible success rate for outbound faxes, never-busy inbound, as well as best-in-class security, speed, and other benefits. If the majority of an organization's orders came through phone or email, would the organization think twice about hardening and investing in those means of communication?
  • What is FaxCore?
    The FaxFinder X50 is built on the award-winning FaxCore Inc. fax server engine.
  • Why do you charge for support and maintenance? What am I buying?
    There are not many professionals that qualify as fax experts and we employ a team with decades of experience in the field. Like any industry, specialized services have an associated cost and simply put, many organizations do not dedicate the time to learning FaxFinder systems and services. Our team is here to fill in those gaps.
  • Does FaxFinder connect to Active Directory?
  • Does FaxFinder use OCR (optical character recognition)?
    FaxFinder X50 (appliance or virtual) supports OCR. FaxFinder also has partners who specialize in document management systems for any custom or specialized OCR requirements. Please contact [email protected] for more info.
  • I have an old FaxFinder that still works. Why would I upgrade?
    Old FaxFinders were all based on hardware. When a previous generation FaxFinder goes end-of-life, that code won't get any new updates and hardware is not capable of being upgraded to the next generation. Also worth noting, FaxFinders often run 24x7x365 for years and hardware performance will be impacted at some point. With FaxFinder FFX50 Series (appliance or virtual) and the proper support and maintenance plan, you are entitled to not just updates to that generation, but also to major updates and future releases. The FaxFinder FFX50 Series runs on a Windows OS, making future updates easier and not having a generation bound to a particular hardware build. With FaxFinder Cloud, the same concept applies. By buying into a service, you'll always have the latest and greatest software available.
  • Can I still print my faxes with FaxFinder?
    Yes, inbound faxes can be routed to a network printer.
  • What file formats can I fax with FaxFinder?
    FaxFinder X50 and FaxFinder Cloud support a variety of file formats, including typesL, dox, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, vsd, xps, pdf, bmp, gif, tif, jpg, png, txt, html, htm. The FaxFinder FFX50 Series and FaxFinder Cloud can use an installable printer driver, which converts any printable image into a faxable format.
  • Can I migrate FaxFinder to the cloud?
    Absolutely. With the challenges and complexities of deploying on-premise fax servers these days, more and more customers are migrating to FaxFinder Cloud. If your organization wants to maintain an on-premise FaxFinder, but get reliable faxing, etherFAX can be added to your FaxFinder to leverage their best-in-class fax transport in the cloud.
  • Can FaxFinder be deployed virtually?
    FaxFinder FFX50 Series can be deployed using VMware and Hyper-V.
  • Can I install FaxFinder on my own machine?
    Provided your server meets our hardware requirements, yes it can. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Is FaxFinder HIPAA compliant?
    While there is no such thing as a HIPAA compliant product or service, FaxFinder FFX50 or FaxFinder Cloud can help an organization with their HIPAA compliance. To learn more, please read "Security and Compliance."
  • What does FaxFinder offer in terms of redundancy, failover and disaster recovery?"
    FaxFinder FFX50 Series customers leveraging etherFAX for transport receive several benefits. If your system goes down, your building loses power, internet connectivity, etc., etherFAX will hold your faxes in an encrypted state until your server reestablishes its connection with etherFAX. For customers not on etherFAX, we can also set up disaster recovery accounts on FaxFinder Cloud if an organization goes down. This method requires setting up a call forward from the customer's carrier to numbers we assign on FaxFinder Cloud.
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